Can be Donated:

  1. Power staplers (for Workroom)
  2. High quality/durable electronic pencil sharpeners (Qty 3-4 needed for Workroom)
  3. Glue sticks, good quality (for Workroom)
  4. Benches for kinder playground (Qty 2-4)
  5. Picnic tables for courtyard by teacher's lounge
  6. Blow-up slides for use during Field Day (Qty 2; approx. $1300)
  7. Smart Boards for both computer labs
  8. STEM Supplies for classroom use

Must be Purchased Through District:

  1. iPads for classroom use (Qty 20)
  2. Replace in-classroom computers (Qty 10)
  3. Additional cafeteria tables (foldable; Qty 5-10)
  4. An additional set of risers (to be stored on the stage)
  5. Outside awnings around Parent Pickup (like Frye Elementary has)
  6. Benches/bleachers positioned around the athletic field
  7. Water filtration system accessible from the hallways (for filtered drinking water)



Welcomed Donated Items:

  1. Carlson-branded popup shade tents
  2. Helium tank (to borrow or donated)
  3. Color laser printer for PTO-use (does not need to be district-approved)
  4. Copier for PTO & Art Masterpiece Use (does not need to be district-approved)
  5. Staple gun (for use on bulletin boards)
  6. Glue guns (for constructing event props)
  7. Glue sticks (for constructing event props)
  8. Extra folding chairs on a rolling cart (for use at events)
  9. 6' folding tables (great selection at Sam's Club!)
  10. 8' tables with folding legs (great selection at Sam's Club!)
  11. Cart for folding tables (great item at Sam's Club!)
  12. Halloween decor for haunted maze (used at Boo Bash)
  13. Digital camera to document PTO events
  14. SD card(s) to use with digital camera for PTO events